Studio 1957 primarily designs and creates ‘Cool Rooms for Cool Kids’

But we do have a number of other strings to our bows and if you’re interested, read on friend!

Studio 1957 Interior Design

We specialise in Creative, Eclectic, Modern interiors designed for creative kids and families who love fun! We design with your lifestyle and each family member in mind resulting in creative & inspiring, livable spaces that each of you will love.

We can:

  • design and create a whole room or space for the coolest kid you know – keep in mind we always take into account your lifestyle and the personality of your amazing kiddo to create a totally cohesive, livable and inspiring completed space
  • work with you on a room (or even home) ‘ingredient’ plan, bringing together all of the pieces of the home decor puzzle so you can get to work with an easy-to-follow plan
  • source your furniture, upholstery, paint, flooring, tiles, etc.

or, take care of all the above while you do your thing!

Studio 1957 Sales Styling

We also know that our style and your style isn’t always what a prospective buyer may want when you decide to sell your home.

If that’s the case we are great at creating welcoming and inclusive spaces that will entice buyers to return to your home again and again.

Having bought and sold a number of houses on a personal basis we get it from both sides of the fence too!

We can:

  • Handle the lot! Sit back and let us walk through your home to plan what stays, what goes and what we need to help you with.
  • Walk through your home and map out just what you need to do to get the best sales result for your home

And we do it in the most cost-effective way possible so your home styling is the last of your worries.

Studio 1957 Product Photography & Styling

We adore creating creative visual content for your special product or brand.

As an ex-full time, pro photographer I know all the tips and tricks to ensure your products look amazing and stand out from everyone else.

My team and I will work together to bring a whole room to life if that’s what you need, hire the ‘talent’ (those are the models) or I’ll work solo to shoot and style your smaller products giving you the most enticing images that will have your followers clamouring to buy.

Each content shoot is storyboarded and planned before creation with an end result in mind to ensure your images are perfect for social media, marketing, advertising or PR.

We are social media experts too with extensive niché knowledge in the realms of Instagram and Pinterest and we will happily share our passion and knowledge with you.